Scott Pierre

IMG_9268.JPGBorn and raised in Wheaton, Illinois, Scott Pierre is a graduate of Purdue University and has spent his professional life as the director of Grace Foundation, from which he oversees the distinguished VanKampen Collection, as well as the distribution of funds to a variety of Christian ministries and institutions. Scott came to salvation as a high school student and has been a volunteer, lay-leader, teacher, elder, and pastor, as he has served within the body of Christ throughout his adult life, including being the chairman of the board of Walk in the Word for ten years. A church planter, Scott has helped to start three churches from the ground level, including the church which he currently pastors, Harvest Bible Chapel Winter Garden. Scott currently lives in Orlando, Florida, with his wife, Karla. They have two adult children, Robert and Jacqueline, who attend and serve at HBCWG, with their spouses.

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