Women's Ministry

The Grove Women gather to devote ourselves to prayer, service to one another and honoring the Word of God. Our gatherings are designed to encourage one another, as we further understand who God is and strive to please Him, within our biblical roles. These Bible studies will not be lead by a single voice, rather a variety of qualified older woman who have committed themselves to teach the younger women the things God calls us to be and to do. Many things in this world are temporal, but the fear of the Lord is eternal and brings a woman blessing and praise. (Colossians 4, I Thessalonians 5, Titus 2, Proverbs 31)

Join us for an 8-week offering of Bible Study, every fall and spring, on Wednesday mornings from 9:30am to 11:00am at First Baptist Church, in downtown Windermere.  Childcare is provided.  

We are studying Biblical Womanhood during our Spring Session, starting on January 23, 2019.  Please feel free to sign up here now, if you plan to attend, so we can be prepared with materials and child care.

Here is our Spring bible study schedule:

  •      Biblical Womanhood Lesson 1: Judy VanKampen (Listen to Audio)
  •      Biblical Womanhood Lesson 2: Grethel Fevig (Listen to Audio)
  •      Biblical Womanhood Lesson 3: Lindsey Lindberg (Listen to Audio)
  •      Biblical Womanhood Lesson 4: Kim Olsson (Listen to Audio)
  •      Biblical Womanhood Lesson 5: Becky Tisch (Listen to Audio)
  •      Biblical Womanhood Lesson 6: Karla Pierre (Listen to Audio)
  •      Biblical Womanhood Lesson 7: K. Foster (Listen to Audio)
  •      Biblical Womanhood Lesson 8: Lynn Butterfield 

Join us for a ladies social on Tuesday, February 12, from 7-9PM! Click here for more information! 

During the months that we do not have a Bible Study offering, you are invited to a unique evening of fellowship in the home of Pastor Scott and his wife, Karla, for dessert and time as a group of women getting to know one another, as well as getting to know one of our  pastors or staff members, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Check back for our next scheduled Coffee with the Pastor. 

Our survey of Genesis 1-12, taught by Karla Pierre last fall, is finished.  However, if you missed a lesson, you can now listen to it online. Recordings will be added as they become available:

In the meantime, please contact Karla Pierre with any questions or comments. 



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